We have three leading directors having collective experience of more than 10 years in construction field who are mainly involved in business development, procurement, project management and administration of the company.

Furthermore, our company is has a huge backup of highly experienced professionals in construction field. Credit can be given to our team for the reputation and image our company has gained over the years. We have good financial standing with sufficient technical person.

Our Key managerial personnel includes– 18 engineers and 20 Sub-engineers with experience of more than 20 years, 3 major accounts experts. Our management team proactively gathers feedbacks, identifies changes in business environment, reviews work processes and communicates company policy to all staff at regular meetings.

Staff Details

S.No Name Designation
Administration Head
1 Ram Bahadur Gautam Director
2 Bikram Gautam Director
3 Bikash Gautam Director
S.No Name Designation
Account  Section
1 Ganesh Adhikari Account Head
2 Mahesh Sharma Taxation Head
3 Ranjit Shrestha  Accountant
4 Ratna Lal Chaudhary  Accountant
5 Abhinav Ghimire  Accountant
6 Pratima Timalsina Junior Accountant
7 Baadal Rai Junior Accountant
S.No Name Designation
Procurement Section
1 Rekha Kunwar Procurement Head
2 Anjana Gautam Procurement Officer
3 Aalee Leepcha Procurement Officer
4 Susmriti Amatya Procurement Officer
S.No Name Designation
Technical  Personnel
1 Er. Kiran Kumar Bhattarai Project Manager
2 Er. Dilip kumar pradhan Project Manager
3 Er. Ramji Pd Chaursiya Project Manager
4 Er. Yogesh Shrestha Project Manager
5 Er. Umesh Mishra Project Manager
6 Manoj Shrestha Surveyor
7 Er. Ankur Raj Baniya Site In charge
8 Er. Ram Akwal Prashad Project Manager
9 Pralad Dhungana Project Manager
10 Prem Lama Site Technical Supervisor
11 Bimal Gurung Site Technical Supervisor
12 Bijay Bdr Magar Site Technical Supervisor
13 Bishnu Bdr K.C. Site Technical Supervisor
14 Keshav Ghimire Site Technical Supervisor
15 Ishwor  Thapa Magar Site In charge
16 Suman Bista Puthan Site Project Manager
17 Shiva Kumar gautam Hetauda Office In charge
18 Maheshwor Gurung Mining Site: Site In charge
19 Yadubansa Adhikari Mining Site: Site In charge
20 Chiring Sherpa Mining Site: Site In charge
21 Pursottam Budhathoki Project Manager
22 Manoj Upreti Project Manager
23 Dilip Thapa Site Supervisor
24 Min Pdr Phuyal Site Supervisor
25 Pradip  Adhakiri Project Manager
26 Nilakantha Gautam Site Supervisor
27 Sarottam Shrestha Site In charge
28 Juddha Bdr Karki Project Manager
29 Keshav Dhakal Site Supervisor
30 Kedar Dhakal Vehicle In charge
31 Kumar lama Site Supervisor
32 Mukesh Silwal Site In charge
S.No Name Designation
Mechanical Department and others
1 Sudhan Mahat Vehicle In charge
2 Mahesh dahal Parts Store Keeper
3 Durlav B.K. Assistant Parts Store keeper
4 Shiva Lamichhane Diesel Store
5 Raju Balami Mechanic
6 Suman Lama Mechanic
7 Raj kumar Syangtan Welder
8 Ramsharan B.K Welder
9 Dipak Ghimire Mechanic
10 Bishal Shah Mechanic
11 Prem Bd. Yonjan Mechanic
12 Umesh Chaudhary Mechanic