About our Managing Director:

Ram Bahadur Gautam: – “ Always look for people who will aim higher not the ones who will settle down for daily routines”

Mr. Ram Bahadur Gautam is a well known name in the field of construction. Gaining experience of over 15 years, he always has been successful and leading personnel. He in his role as a director in a privately owned construction company at present has always played a vital role in providing project deliverables.

  • Goal- oriented personnel with a solid foundation in construction industry along with a significant experience
  • Quantitatively competent administrator with high skills in project management.
  • Strong communicator who has leadership skills to handle and tackle any scenarios that may come along.
  • Diplomatic liaison with extensive history of collaborating with wide array of stakeholder groups, including negotiating with parties hostile to issues.
  • Highly organized, creative leader and multi-tasker with proven track record of overseeing day-to-day operations, planning and organizing team efforts, as well as effectively managing staff, contractors, and volunteers.
  • Fiscal affairs
  • Budget preparation
  • Facilitation of rules, regulations, policies
  • Tracking system development
  • Policy development/ implementation
  • Program management, administration, and direction

Since 2061 B.S till present, he has gained a considerable amount of expertise in various fields. With a major imprint of his expertise in the field of construction, he has also been involved in diverse areas like manufacture industry, non-profit organizations, etc.

  • 2061-2065:

As a first step in business world, he took initiative to work in various construction areas. He worked as a sole member ongoing through various ups and downs.  With various expertise gained over the period of 4 years, he formed his own construction company in the year 2066 in the name of Motidan Construction Sewa Pvt. Ltd.

  • 2066 to present:

After the formation of Motidan Construction Sewa Pvt Ltd, he has been working as a managing director. Over the no of years, He has secure immense position in this industry. As a part of customer relationship management, he has visited various countries to meet up with various clients like JCB, Kobelco, etc. Credits can be given to him for all the machineries our company posses and for the projects completed so far with high quality.