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Established in 2009, Motidan Construction Sewa Pvt. Ltd. emerged as a leading construction company with a commitment to delivering professional services in the construction field. Through the years, we have taken on numerous challenging projects, honing our expertise in Limestone Mining, road construction, bridges, and project management. Our extensive project portfolio reflects our dedication to proactive and timely customer service, which remains at the core of our business philosophy.

Our expertise covers a wide range of construction projects, and our certified team ensures timely delivery of services at the utmost quality level.

When you join our team, you become part of a community driven by a collective passion for tackling intricate challenges head-on and making a tangible impact. Together, we thrive on turning difficulties into opportunities and translating vision into reality. Your journey with us is a journey towards excellence, innovation, and meaningful change.

14 years of diverse construction mastery.

Motidan Construction Sewa Pvt. Ltd. is a successful construction company in Nepal with a strong reputation and track record. Here are some reasons why you might choose them:

  • Professional Services
  • Successful Completion of Projects
  • Class 'A' Contractor
  • Well-Equipped and Resourceful
  • Goodwill and Recognition

Mining Works at Shivam Cements

Which involved the extraction and transportation of limestone, as well as the construction of necessary infrastructure for the project.

High-voltage wires

Road Constructions Works

Upgrading Works Inside the Factory Premises & Different Mining Sites

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Our foundation is built on trust in every facet of our business operations.

Motidan Construction Sewa Pvt. Ltd. is involved in various types of construction work. The document mentions the following categories of construction work performed by the company

Structural Construction Projects

This includes the construction of various types of buildings such as schools, hospitals, industrial godowns, and office buildings.

Mining Works

We have experience in mining works, specifically in the extraction and transportation of limestone for projects like Shivam Cement Pvt. Ltd.

Other Civil Works

The company is also engaged in other civil works, which may include road construction, bridges, river training, irrigation canals, water supply systems, pipeline works, and more.

Department of Road

Motidan Construction Sewa Pvt. Ltd. has an extensive involvement in a variety of road construction and enhancement projects, showcasing their prowess in executing intricate tasks.

Professional services in
the field of construction.

Our primary goal is to deliver “Expert construction services” to our clients when they select us to carry out their projects. Our focus on transparent communication and diligent procedural adherence guarantees that the clients’ objectives take precedence in the planning and implementation of all our processes.

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A Word For Our Customers

I had the privilege of working with Motidan Construction Sewa Pvt. Ltd. on a recent construction project, and I must say, their reputation is well-deserved. From the moment we engaged with them, their clear communication and commitment to excellence were evident. The fact that all their completed projects have maintained a flawless track record, free from any failures or legal disputes, speaks volumes about their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. While specific customer reviews may not be provided in the document, I can personally vouch for their exceptional performance and the recognition they rightfully receive from clients, consultants, and institutions alike. My experience with Motidan Construction Sewa Pvt. Ltd. reaffirms their position as a reliable and top-tier construction partner.

Kajal Shrestha
Product Manager

Having collaborated with Motidan Construction Sewa Pvt. Ltd. on multiple construction ventures, I can attest to the exceptional standards they uphold. The absence of any project failures or litigation in their extensive portfolio underscores their unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality results. While the document may not present individual customer reviews, I can confidently state that their reputation is well-earned. The consistent recognition and accolades they receive from clients, consultants, organizations, and institutions are a testament to their exceptional dedication and performance. Working with Motidan Construction Sewa Pvt. Ltd. has been a true pleasure, and their track record of excellence is an assurance of their professionalism.

Sabin Shrestha

Motidan Construction Sewa Pvt. Ltd. exceeded all my expectations during the construction project they undertook for me. Their emphasis on clear communication and their meticulous adherence to procedures were evident throughout the entire process. The fact that their completed projects have maintained a flawless record, devoid of any failures or legal entanglements, speaks volumes about their competence and dedication. While the document may not offer specific customer reviews, my personal experience leaves no room for doubt regarding their capabilities. The recognition they garner from various stakeholders further affirms their standing as a trustworthy and reputable construction partner. Motidan Construction Sewa Pvt. Ltd. truly stands out for their exceptional performance and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Sobin Yadab

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